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Would you like to grow your revenue by at least 30%? Would you like to have a ROI of 3800%? Email marketing on average generate $38 per every $1 spent

How is your email automation going?

Are you leaving money on the table?

Have you ever done proper email marketing? Or even worst, are you still using Mailchimp for your e-commerce automation? If so i can guarantee you that if you give us a shot, we will generate at least 20% of your revenue per month from email automation, how does it sound?

30% of revenue from email

Revenue on autopilot

With the right automation and right setup you are able to let your store generate even up to 40% in revenue only via Email Marketing.

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With this client we started to manage the emails, we migrate them from Mailchimp to Klaviyo, iterated all flows, setup over 10 automation and now, May 2019 vs May 2020 is generating 46% more revenue via email.


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Shopify + Klaviyo = Growth

First I want to ask you something...

Before filling up the form let’s talk about this. Let’s say that via email marketing we are going to generate 20% more revenue fully automated for your store. Let’s say that you have a revenue of 100K per month and by integrating the right automation now you make 120.000€/month. Let’s try to annualize this result right? Because being automated it will remain and stay there forever. So now you are making 20K x 12 =  240K extra per year, well how much do you value this?

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